Dimming - Flyscreen System
This system is available even in the only-dimming or only-flyscreen system. It has to be always matched with a support-base, that is indispensable for a correct assembling both in factory and on the laying site. It is made by profile in aluminium white paint, in synthetic fibre net and a white dimming sheet, both pleated.
This system isn't available for circular skylight, but only for square and rectangular plan, with minimum dimension of 40x50 cm, and maximum ones of 130x150 cm.
Fixed Frame
In order to set up fixed skylights in a correct way on curbs that aren't flat or that are larger than foreseen (8/10 cm), it's necessary to interject a frame that avoids drainage rank touches curb.

Flashing is useful to cover curbs larger than foreseen (10/25 cm) and is made in bent and galvanized plate, white pre-painted, or if it's available in polyester  resin reinforced by glass fibre and protected by white gel-coat.

Eaves, made by the same materials and kinds of bases, allow the fixing of a skylight side and an easy water flow.
Eaves Grid
An eaves grid is the faster and most cost-effective solution to cover, light and ventilate middle and large surfaces, likes air shafts, meeting rooms, winter gardens, expositive entrance halls, covered alleys between buildings, etc... Big holes become aggregated of other ones smaller because of single or crossed eaves. These new holes can be covered by monolithic skylights (fixed or openable), or by continuous modules, or thermoformed tunnels.
Bases are used to support and fix skylights to floor or other kinds of covering. They can be right angle or have a truncated - pyramidal shape. They inner layer is made by galvanized plate white pre-painted, and outer layer is made by polyester resin reinforced by glass fibre and protected by white gel-coat, or one of these layers can be all made by fibreglass or plate; chamber is filled by expanded polyurethane.
Shutter Base
Shutter bases for natural continuous ventilation are made by particular profiles in galvanized steel white painted, thay have standard height of 30 cm. They allow a constant e continuous ventilation. They can be set up directly on curbs, because they have perimeter flashing - drainage rank.

Base with Air Vents
in order to reduce ventilation obtained by shutter bases, we suggest base with air vents (in one or more side), essential to avoid condensation in places characterized by high damp, like bathrooms, kitchens, etc... It's possible to furnish air vents with electrc aspirator for forced ventilation in covered areas.

We produce Base-Eaves custom-made, when there are constrain at one or more perimeter sides (i.e. high walls, flues, pipes , etc...). This is a combination of base and eaves, in only one piece that avoids meteoric water seepage.

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